Unified physiogeographic division

Unified physiogeographic division is based on real-world geographical taxonomy of land.

Geographical taxonomy Coding System is unified for Arda as general.
(1) Continent
1. Macroregion
11 Region
111. Province
(111.1 Sub-province)
111.11 Land
111.111 Area

(brekets) are used to indicate that this level isn't necessary to be listed each time or may not exists like Sub-province unit within Province unit.

(x Continent) (1) Endore (Middle-Earth)
x Macroregion 11.Westlands / West, Northwestern Middle-earth
xx Region 112.Remnants of Beleriand
xxxProvince 123. Ossirinad (Harlindon)
xxx.x (Sub-province) 123.3 Rónalindon / Rhûlindon
xxx.xx Land 123.31 Aerossîr Valley: Area 123.311 Tumnogoth Iaur
  • Example of coding water body unit:

Geographical taxonomy of Arda

Land units codes:

Water bodies codes:

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