Gauthafrithulein (Old Rh."Good Little peace") had assumed the leadership of her clan, the Aldungs, in T.A. 1629, after she had killed the Cold-drake which had slain her father, the clan leader. Although clan leadership was generally male, her clan agreed that no warrior could have been braver or bolder and unanimously proclaimed her their chief. Her healing skills helped the clan and Dale remain in good stead during the Plague, and she was able to mitigate its effects upon the people of the region. Memories were short, however, and already many were listening to Sauilwinna's spread rumors that Gauthafrithulein and her clan were the "children of Darkness." However fiery her temper, Gauthafrithulein was an unrelenting foe of evil. She had learned something of the Cult of the Long Night and suspected that Sauilwinna was a member. Fearing the spread of evil in Dale, she precipitously challenged Aivadiuria's position. Unfortunately, she had no proof of wrongdoing, and the move costed her many friends, for Aivadiuria was a popular Thegen.

Gauthafrithulein stood six feet tall, and had long red hair, creamy skin, and deep blue eyes. Her beauty and spirit had won her many suitors, but thus far she had refused them all. Gauthafrithulein was still young (27) but well-versed in the responsibilities of clan leadership. She was a secret friend of Biovunio, who had taught her much.


MERP gives the original name in a pseudo-germanic form "Jirfelian".


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