"(...)Glaive of Gaurin whose gleaming stroke
did rive the rocks of Rodrim's hall(...)".

Gaurin was a character of the First Age whose Glaive was mentioned by Beleg Cúthalion in a sharpening spell he casted on his knife.Other Names in his Spell included Nargil or Loruin the spear of Ogbar, the Sword of Saithnar, the Halls of Rodrim, the sweeping sickle of the slashing tempest, the lambent lightning's leaping falchion and the Sword Celeg Aithorn.


Rodrim probably means "Caves" or "Domes" and seems to be a placename rather than a personal name.Gaur- indicates Werewolf or Warg so Gaurin might be translated as "The Wolf-like-one" or "The one who is like a Werewolf" or possibly "Descendant of a Werewolf".

It might be possible that Gaurin was indeed a Werewolf and the Caves or Rodrim refers to Morgoth's Halls of Thangorodrim.It might also be possible that Rodrim was a forgotten Noldorin Hero, supposedly one of the ten companions of Finrod Felagund.

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