time period
about TA 1640

Gaurhir (S."Werewolf-Lord";BS."Warghûr") was a werewolf, an immortal, evil beast descended from the lesser Maiar seduced by Morgoth and Sauron at the first sundering of good and evil. He was able to assume either man or wolf form at will, the transformation taking but ten eyeglints. He “died” at the end of the Second Age but his spirit had since regenerated. He had traveled widely, spending many years under the direct command of Sauron the Necromancer in Mirkwood’s Dol Guldur, He also dwelt in Khand and among the Orcs of the southeastern Ephel Duath, and brought about the Scara-hai as was explained in their own tale. Other portions of his history were unknown. In Mannish form, Gaurhir was normally 7’ tall with short grey hair and a lined face. However, he could adapt this appearance moderately to adopt various disguises, shortening himself to as little as 6’ and assuming a very appealing countenance. He wore robes of silver-grey stitched with metallic green runes in an arcane script not known in northwestern Middle-earth. These robes gave him a bonus against Essence magic. He also wielded a staff of enchanted hollow bronze. This could be used as a normal quarterstaff (i.e. as a two-handed weapon), but had a more useful purpose. The staff could cast Lines of Fire. This special spell drew a line up to 25’ long (on any shape or design) upon any surface, small flames (up to 6” high) dancing along the line. At any time the small flames could be commanded to leap into a Wall of Fire. The small flames lasted as long as the caster concentrated. When the staff was used in combat, it did a secondary Heat critical. In wolf form, Gaurhir grew in size and became even stronger. His hide was tougher than leather and his great fangs were capable of terrible damage. He could also run, turn and jump extremely well


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