Gastmorgath, descendant of the Black Númenóreans, was a dark priest and leader of the Dark Religion in Umbar in T.A.1650, operating from the catacombs below the city.Since after the kin-strife Umbar was still in the hands of Captains loyal to the Castamiri he had to operate from the underground, trying to seduce the normal populace via the Order of Tûthmeid, a cabal of dark Healers, and the rulers via political intrigue.Especially Lord Mîreädûr was a vile persecutor of the Dark Temples while Gastmorgath believed Arkhâd to have been a true convert and his second Hand Murartadur tried to convert Lord Fältur.


  • MERP:Minas Ithil
  • MERP:Umbar - Haven of the Corsairs
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