Of all the five Istari, Gandalf (Rh."Elf of the Wand" W."Wanderer") possessed the greatest feeling for the dangers and burdens of their mission. Manwe chose the Grey Wizard despite Gandalf's misgivings about his own ability. It was hardly surprising that, unlike Saruman and Alatar, Gandalf chose to go to Middle-earth without taking a lesser companion. (Saruman chose Radagast, while Alatar selected Pallando.) Gandalf came last and entered Endor alone. In Valinor he was known as Olorin and he was the wisest of the Maiar. 

Gandalf's purposeful independence and tremendous self-discipline lead him to journey tirelessly and without want of accolades or reward. He never settled in any one place, nor did he accumulate wealth; thus the label "Grey Pilgrim." His possessions remained few. Gandalf always remained an emissary of the Valar and never permitted worldly ways to sway his actions. Despite the urges inherent in his adopted form, he resisted pride and avoided the hunger for power. The Grey Wizard exhibited emotions, and his posture and gait spoke of his burden, but his true fire always burned deep.


Gandalf took the form of a gray-haired, short old man, appearing older than the other Istari. He dressed in gray robes, girded with a silvery sash. He also wore a high blue hat and large black shoes. His gray beard reached under his belt, his bushy eyebrows sticking out of the hat.




Gandalf's stats and powers can be found in Lords of Middle Earth Volume 1, or Valar and Maiar. Both these MERP books list him as a Mage/Magician. Given that Gandalf has Mage/Magician as his profession, it could be hypothesised (when using Rolemaster Companions) that ICE wanted Gandalf to benefit from Warrior Mage. Also, Glamdring was done totally wrong and should have been a lot more powerful item, given that it was wielded by the King of Gondolin Turgon. There are also no powers or stats for Gandalf's second staff (the White one) in MERP. The last downplay to Gandalf was his level and spells. Of all the spells listed in his profile, he should know them to his level, and his physical bonus as the white should be at least a 60th LvL. given that all the other Istari are half their levels.

As a final note, Gandalf in Aman (aka Olorin) stats were never given though he is the same level as Sauron with the One Ring when he returns to Aman as the White. 

It should also be noted that Gandalf is considered a being of Manwe's people, ICE/MERP put him here, but the books refer to Olorin as a master of dreams, a possible hint that he may have been the Chief of Irmo's people, but all of this is mere speculation.



  • Empathy— Gandalf has the ability to understand the feelings of others with whom he converses, just as if he were raised one of their kind.
  • Weapon Flexibility— In any given time period, Gandalf has an equal chance of bearing a short sword, broadsword, dagger, or no weapon other than his staff. He has the same offensive bonus with all of them.
  • The White's Fana— Following his return as the White, Gandalf's "body" was intrinsically resistant to all elementals and normal weapons/attacks. He defended as AT 20 with a +60 natural DB, and used the "Large Creature" critical strike table.
  • Languages — Gandalf knows 20 languages. His mother tongue is Valarin, but he typically speaks Sindarin or Westron. That's right, the Wisest Maia ever, knows only 2 more languages than Pallando. All other Istari know more.
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