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Galmendur (T.A. 2746 - 2859) was the seventeenth Prince of Dol Amroth. After the death of his older brother Gicirclant, Galmendur was given the Princeship, the second time the heir apparent did not receive it. He was a formidable military general, and gained great favour from Beregond, perhaps even more so than Fingalad. He secured the vales of the White Mountains against the Orcs and won the respect of the Southern Fiefs, many of whom he had liberated from the Orcish threat. Although Harondor had been claimed in the time of Fingalad, Galmendur would not suffer the Corsairs who had retreated from the Sixth Corsair War to continue to occupy Tolfalas. With a large fleet under his command, he delivered a crushing blow to the enemy host, ending the conflict in T.A. 2801. In his time, the White Tree died in Minas Tirith.


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