Gallius's Rest was a cave located in the snowy mountains of Caradhras. It was a long-forgotten cave, and the final resting place of Gallius Golden-Touch, a bandit king.


  • Gallius's Hideout - The first section of the cave is called Gallius's Hideout, it is home to the ancestors of the first members of the Golden-Touch Organization, the criminal organization founded by Gallius. The organization is still active, and it is led by Gallius's grand-grand-son.
  • Gallius's Depths - The second section of the cave is called Gallius's Depths. It is a deep pit, infested with bandits and tamed dogs and wolves.
  • Deep Dungeon - A small dungeon accessed through Gallius's Depths.
  • Gallius's Hall - The third section of the cave is called Gallius's Hall. It is a large hall, home to the organization's ringleaders.
  • Gallius's Tomb - The fourth and final section of the cave is called Gallius's Tomb. It can only be accessed via a large door in Gallius's Hall, that requires a key owned by Kar Golden-Touch, the bandit leader. Gallius is buried in a sarcophagus on the end of the tomb.


Hostile Characters

Undead Characters

Deceased Characters

  • Skeletons - Dead persons found all over the cave.
  • Farmer - A snatched deceased farmer found in Gallius's Depths.
  • Pilgrim - Three dead pilgrims can be found in the hideout, presumably killed by the bandits.
  • Dead Bandit - A dead bandit found in Gallius's Hideout.

Friendly Characters

  • Ilda - A prisoner inside Deep Dungeon.
  • Saoth - A prisoner inside Deep Dungeon.
  • Humiliated Outlaw - A renegaded bandit found inside Gallius's Hideout. He doesn't attacks unless provoked.


Nearby Locations

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