Galdor the Tall

An Adan Ranger, Galdor the Tall (S."Galdor Orchal") was the Lord of the Third House of the Edain and their realm in Dor-lómin. He was the son of Hador Lórindol and the brother of Gundor and Glóredhel of Brethil. Galdor wed Hareth around F.A. 440, and she bore two great sons: Húrin Thalion and Huor of Dor-lómin. When the forces of Morgoth attacked Hithlum a second time, Galdor died of an arrow wound while stubbornly defending Eithel Sirion (just as his father had seven years before).


  • tall
  • bright blond hair


  • Helm - made of grey steel adorned with gold, thereon graven runes of victory
  • Mail
  • Sword
  • Shield
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