Galathil Celeborn's Brother


was an Elf of Doriath, a son of Galadhon and Brother of Celeborn and father of Nimloth the mother of Elwing.

Galathil's possible Storyline for Roleplaying

Galathil is a very enigmatic character who yielded no stats in MERP/ICE. Once again it is up for his stats and character to be developed by the GM. It is possible that Galathil survived the fall of Doriath and went with Celeborn and Galadriel to Edhellond and Ost-in-edhil.Galathil was the younger brother of Celeborn, and like their names--their authority and power were in remembrance of the two trees.  


  • tall
  • silver hair


  • Mithril Plate
  • Cloak
  • Shield
  • Ring
  • Longbow
  • Daggers
  • Galathil's Sword


  • Galathil Esteldir (N)
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