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The daughter of Finarfin, Galadriel (S."glittering garland") was considered to be the equal of Feanor, superior to him in many ways. Born in the Undying Lands to Finarfin and Earwen of Alqualonde. She was strong willed, and competitive. The Eldar enjoyed athletic games as well as mental exercise, and Galadriel proved again and again that she was the equal of any of the Noldo Lords in both depth of thought and athletic ability. She departed Tirion in Aman with her brothers to fight in the war against Morgoth. It was in Beleriand, in the guarded realm of Doriath, that she met her future husband Celeborn. Although she took no oaths, she—like the rest of the Deep Elves—suffered the Ban of the Valar and was forbidden to return to Aman after Morgoth's defeat. Galadriel, however, felt no desire to return; she was enamored with the wide lands of Middle-earth, and desired a realm of her own there to rule. So it was for many ages of the world that Galadriel remained in Middle-earth, and the land was bettered by her presence. At last, with the end of the Third Age, she accepted the waning of the Elves presence in Endor. Because of her deeds against Sauron, and most especially her refusal to accept the One Ring when it was freely offered, the Ban was lifted and she sailed into the Uttermost West with the other Ringbearers.


Galadriel grew taller than woman’s wont (6'4"), comparable in height to her brothers.She had deep gold braided hair with silver glints, and an especially beautiful, deeper voice than most Elf- women.


  • Alatariel
  • Artanis (father-name)
  • Galadhriel (Nickname)
  • The Lady of Lórien
  • Lady of Light
  • The Lady of the Galadhrim
  • The Lady of the Wood
  • Nerwen


  • Bow of Galadriel
  • Brooch of Galadriel
  • Galadriel's Box
  • Galadriel's key
  • Galadriel's Token
  • Galadhrim Armour (Elven Cuirass)
  • mallorn seeds
  • Mirror of Galadriel
  • Star-Glass tiara of Caras Galadhon
  • Nenya
  • White Gowns