Master of the Craftsmen's Glade in Lorien, Galadhan was a superb wood-worker. His slender fingers were never guided poorly by his rock-steady hands. Whether in conflict with an armed foe or a block of rough-hewn wood, Galadhan measured each cut of the blade he held—be it his favored long knife or his treasured carving tools—with the utmost confidence and precision. Long years gathering wood out of doors had bleached the fair Elf s hair to a hue resmbling pale sunlight and imparted ruddiness to his complexion. He was large for a Sinda, 6'9" and 240 pounds, and well-muscled. His duties as Master of his chosen glade kept him close to Caras Galadhon more continuously than in the days of his youth, but he took a ramble through the farther reaches of Lorien once a moon.


never lost its razor-sharp edge. Aldan used it to prune living trees and, when pressed, defend himself and his charges.

  • Longbow
  • Wood-carving Tools


Original form in MERP:Aldan

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