Ossë's shape appearing in an ocean-wave

Gaerys (S."Sea-foam"), known to the High-Elves as Ossë (Q."Dread") is a mighty Water-spirit, a maia of the folk of Ulmo. Ossë was a powerful Maia that was seduced at the same time of Sauron. Melkor sought someone to deal with the waters of the world and promised Ossë power and dominion over Ulmo's aquatic realms. Eventually Gaerys fell away from Melkor and was turned back to the light by his wife Uinen.


It is unknown how long Gaerys actually served Melkor and exactly when he stopped serving. Given that Uinen prays to Aule for aide in helping her turn Gaerys back to the light, it would be conceivable that Gaerys served Melkor until the Spring of Arda. Aule, would have been too weary to do much until the intervention of Tulkas.



  • dim eyes
  • swan feathers
  • torn green beard
  • wild foam shape


  • Gaerys' Mail
  • magic ropes of sea-weed and anchor
  • Staff of Gaerys (Probably a Trident like his master)


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