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The Gadrauhts (Old Rh. "Warriors, Mercenaries" or later Éo."Dryhtenas") were a fairly numerous tribe who resided on the east central plain.Their seven large clans typically fielded eight hundred or more warriors.Of all the Aivathiuda, they enlisted most readily in the Gondorian cavalry, perhaps because their lands were most easily accessible to the recruiters and horse buyers.The Gadrauhts were always richer in currency and wagons than the other tribes.On the other hand, their brethren complained about the quality of Gadrauhts horses.Their large, slow steeds were bred for sale or use in Gondor, and often lacked the attributes favored by the Horselords.The Gadrauhts' famous Midsummer Festival —which took place on a high hill in the center of their territory — attracted Northmen and Gondorians from far afield.Of these raucous affairs, the finest was the fest of 1638, which celebrated the end of the Great Plague.This joyous event was presided over by the chieftain Alareik and Aivareik, his main advisor, men who maintained questionable loyalties to their Gondorian allies.

Later times

After the Wainrider wars the Gadrauhts survived as part of a new federation of clans known as the Marhthiuda.with the rise and fall of the Balchoth empire the Marhthiuda's position shifted ,from bondsmen and subjugated and tributary tribes to freed-again allies or rival.The Barding Drottnar-clan was widely believed to descend from the ancient Gadrauhts.


Revised Spellings:

  • Aluiric - Alareik
  • Euric -Aivareik
  • Gadraughts -Gadrauhts