Gaathgykar warrior

The Gâthgykar (Ib."Kings of the walled homeland") were an Aharian-speaking people native to the great plateau south of the great steppes known as Gâthgykarkan.

While the Gâthgykar occupied the northern and open portion of the plateau, the south was mastered by the Nargâthi, kinsmen of the xenophobic Ibavini, who were considered a culture distinct from the usual traditions of the Steppe-Easterlings or Southrons.

The Gâthgykar differed in appearance from their Kargarim cousins, their skin color was much darker and they were tall by Easterling standards. Due to the presence of Andamundar in the area (the smaller and more numerous cousin of the famous Mûmak), many of the Gaathgykar carried ivory ornaments and wore bright colors like emerald green, yellow and orange. Also they braided their hairs and painted them with different colors. The Gâthgykar artisans traded in ivory from diceased Andamundar. These animals were also used as a transport for heavy loads and even for war, being mounted by lancers with long halberds to hold off southern oppressors like Nargâthi or Ibavini.

The Gâthgykar were one of the few Aharian-speaking people did not merge with the Kul-Ahar confederation.

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