King Fulla XIV took the throne of Rûrîk in T.A. 1, and replaced the murdered son of Fulla XIII New-King,Bâli the Unfortunate. He took a throne of power and might, but lacked the trappings of authority necessary to sit among the other houses at Thisule. His dominion was oft-times questioned, and he had difficulty in retiring the Lords of his cities when the proper time came. Bhrâli of Rûrumakh challenged his position, for he was not of direct line to Fulla VII and could not prove that the North Hammer would truly sing in his hands. (In fact, since the North Hammer was lost, no Lord could fully lay claim to the throne). The Conflict led to the feud that separated the Blacklocks and Stonefoots.


The Spelling of some Names was altered to move away from pseudo-old Norse Names, which represent the Language of northern Rhovanion and would have been unknown to the eastern Dwarves.

Original forms:

  • Báli - Bâli
  • Bráli - Bhrâli
  • Ruuriik - Rûrîk
  • Ruurumakh - Rûrumakh
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