Nienna the Sighing One

Nienna (Q."woman of Tears") is the younger sister of Námo (Mandos) and the older sister of Irmo (Lorien).


Nienna's fana illustrates her role. Pale, redeyed, and with scarlet cheeks marked by unending tears, she walks slowly. There is strength in her watery eyes, however, for she is stalwart enough to pity and forgive virtually any transgression for which repentance is offered.


Conscience, grief, pity, suffering, Shadows, Mist, Souls, Night, Darkness, Bats, Tears.


A solitary Valie, she resides at the westernmost point in Aman. There, her lonely tower Fúi rises from the sheer grey diffs bitten by the twilight waters of the Encircling Sea. Nienna is the Mourner, the Weeper, and she embodies suffering. The very antithesis of Nessa, she does not celebrate; rather, she bears the grief of Ea. Her shoulders support the suffering created out the errors of all other spirits, for she assumes their sadness. Pitying the most rebellious of spirits, the Weeper suffers on behalf of others. She represents the conscience of Ea. Without her, the pain of their journey through life would undoubtedly overwhelm the Children of Eru.





  • Bowl of Tears
  • ceremonial mallet
  • Grey Veils
  • Loom of Shadows
  • Mornie, the Black Ship
  • Staff of Sorrow — A quarterstaff made from the fallen branch of the now-dead Telperion. The staff resurrects sorrowful images in minds of its victims.


  • Conscience — Nienna can see into the conscience of anyone she looks and concentrates upon
  • Grief Transferral — Nienna can assume the emotional pain and suffering of anyone whom she touches and concentrates upon. In addition, her touch immediately heals any mental and physical side-effect arising out of such suffering.


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