Smoking Shire Hobbit

The modern varieties of nicotiana, commonly known as tobacco (G."Fuglas"), were not native to Middle-earth, but a close relative was found in Eriador and Gondor. This plant, known as "Sweet Galenas" or "Pipeweed" was likely introduced by settlers from Númenor and probably not originally home to the Westlands. The origins of the plant may have been in Aman or the coastlands of Easternesse or the New Lands. One variety, sweet galenas, was cultivated by Hobbits as the recreational drug known as "pipeweed". Another type, bitter galenas, was not commonly smoked.A type of Sweet Galenas was also known and cultivated in the Mûmakan.

Other plants often thought to have been related to galenas were fukavar, ucason and swuth, though these were more likely members of the hemp family.

The various breeds of nicotiana found in Endor presumably went extinct sometime after the Fourth Age, as by the Sixth Age the plant was found only on other continents.

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