Freeport (Kil."Falâlôni"), also known as Freeport-under-Bridge (Kil."Falâlôni-dalad-Pendâ") was an inland harbor in Abers of Freckland.It was a center of the Cult of Nysyen and the Cult of the One-Person.It was burned down once by orcs in TA 1505, conquered by Corsairs in TA 1598 and rebuilt by the blood drinkers as Life City (Kil."Kôikadar") in TA 1813.In TA 1909 it was reconquered and renamed "New Freeport" (Kil."Falâlôni-Wînid").TA 3011 it became capital of the Ulmic Coast.

Places of note

  • Elvenharp's Hall
  • Fisher's Guildhouse
  • Freeport Library
  • Weaver's Guildhouse
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