Fatty bolger

Fatty Bolger

Fredegar, nicknamed "Fatty" (quite a special distinction among Hobbits), was the son of Odovacar Bolger, a second cousin once removed to Frodo, and second cousin twice removed to Pippin. Fatty was a special friend, along with Folco Boffin, although they were not quite as close to Frodo as Sam, Merry, or Pippin. He evidently, along with the others, wasn't too good at packing. After the War of the Ring, it was discovered by the returning Hobbits of the Company that poor Fredegar was nearly killed by the Nazgûl And later, while resisting rebels in the Brockenbores, he was captured and imprisoned in the Lockholes. After these traumas, the name "Fatty" did not suit him any longer. Although bold enough in protective partisan actions, Fredegar, like most Hobbits, had no interest in intentional or prolonged adventure, and he had little confidence in his own abilities, although loyalty could move him to war. With the marriage of his sister Estella, he became Merry's brother-in-law.

Fredegar originally was an inhabitant of Hobbiton, where he lived in 10 Bagshot row, later he moved to Crickhollow in Buckland.


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