Freca the Fat was born in the Westfold of Rohan in T.A. 2698, the son of an old Dunlending father and a foolish, doting Rohir mother. She took him to live with his Rohirric uncle after his father died, so he spent his formative years in the beautiful but isolated region south of the River Adorn. Spoiled as a youth, Freca developed a volatile temper and a harsh, unforgiving spirit. His peers, however, chafed at his abrasive manner and young Freca was forced to develop an oily guile, lest he submit to frequent beatings. His duplicity proved unbounded. Freca inherited his uncle's lands and built himself a small domain near the source of the Adorn. He fortified his manor and began to publicly claim descent through King Fréawine, hoping to erase any prejudices against his Dunnish roots. The ruse succeeded and he eventually became a powerful force in the Westfold. A stout Warrior, Freca suffered from an overblown sense of selfimportance and his undisguised ambition inevitably led to his downfall. He rode to the King's Council at his leisure, and surrounded himself with a large, armed entourage. This distorted King Helm, who was grimly suspicious of Freca and openly spoke of his Dunlending ancestry. When Freca demanded the hand of Princess Aelda (Helm's second daughter) on behalf of his son Wulf in T.A. 2754, Helm rebuked him. They quarreled at the assembly and, following the meeting, the King challenged his fat vassal to single, unarmed combat. Freca's retainers stayed at bay as Helm slew the impudent Warrior with a single blow of his fist. This act sowed the seeds for Wulf's Rebellion four years later.


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