Map of Framsburg

  • Type: Town and Hill Fort.
  • Inhabitants: 80% Northman, 20% Mixed Mannish.
  • Population: 340
  • Origin: Settled by Estarave Northmen around T.A.1000.
  • Purpose: Agriculture; a center for trade in the northern Anduin Vales.
Though not directly under the sway of the Witch-king, Wraccaburg (or properly "Vrakyabaurg") suffered from frequent raids, despair, and a large population of shady characters from beyond Rhovanion. The Men of Wraccaburg traded occasionally with their kinsmen in Maethelburg, but the latter viewed these Men from the northern valleys with suspicion. Framsburg, or later Burh Fram, was the name given to Wraccaburg after the Éothraim settled there in the 19th century of the Third Age.
Buhr Fram

Places of note

  • Cursed Tomb
  • Forgotten Crypt
  • Haunted Hall
  • Haunted Keep
  • Hidden Staircase
  • Moonlit Passage
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