Fram and Scatha

Fram son of Frumgar became Lord, or Allthegen of the Éothéod in T.A. 2001. He took over as High Chieftain in a troubled time, for Dragons had awakened in the Withered Heath and the Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain (S. "Erebor") challenged the Northmen in the northeastern Anduin Valley for the right to use the southern vales of the Grey Mountains (S. "Ered Mithin"), Fram reordered the pastoral realm founded by his father and erected a fortified capital and trade center, Burh Fram (Rh. "Framsburg"), above the northern bank of the River Langwell. Later, when Scatha the Cold-drake ravaged the Northman hamlets near the headwaters of the River Greylin, he organized his Knights into hunting groups and relentlessly stalked the Dragon. Scatha slew dozens of the bold Northmen, but eventually Fram caught the awful beast in its lair and killed it with his Great Sword. The Warrior Lord recovered the Drake's huge hoard, much of which came from the Dwarves. Fram's feat stirred the pride of his people and the anger of the Naugrim. The Dwarf-king Thrain I (r. T.A. 1981 -2190) demanded that the Eotheod turn over the treasure, but Fram responded by sending them a message of refusal accompanied by a necklace made from Scatha* s teeth. Incensed, the Dwarves swore revenge and, although it was never proved, the Northmen accused Thrain's fighters of being responsible for Fram's death in T.A. 2012. Léod, Fram's son and successor, examined the axe wounds himself and concluded that the Naugrim had murdered his father. His charge fueled the bitterness between the Northmen and Dwarves, a rivalry that continued into the Fourth Age.


  • Scales of Scatha the worm
  • Scathas teeth
  • Worms-doom
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