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Son of the Dwarf-lord Gûrh Giant-slayer, Frûhar (SA ca. 1500) sired Bâlrim and led a faction of Axes of Nargubraz to the Northern Peninsula where they joined the Stiffbeards of Kheledh-dûm. However this noble of Druin's Line was most noteworthy for his poems and songs, some of which remained in the lore of lost Rûrîk to the Fourth Age.


The spelling of some names was altered to move away from pseudo-old Norse names, which represent the language of northern Rhovanion and would have been unknown to the eastern Dwarves.

Original forms in MERP:

  • Balrim → Bâlrim
  • Drúin → Druin
  • Frúhar → Frûhar
  • Gúhr → Gûrh
  • Ruuriik → Rûrîk


  • MERP: Lords of Middle-earth Vol III: Hobbits, Dwarves, Ents, Orcs & Trolls