Fosco Bolger was a hobbit of the Shire and the son of Wilibald Bolger. Named after Fosco Baggins of the Baggins clan, Fosco lived happily in Bywater with his wife and children. However, after his wife died after giving birth to her fourth child, Fosco fell into depression and was in near suicide until his family managed to calm him. While his children were growing up, Fosco never remarried and always led a normal life in the Shire, aside from his well-known somnolence. Fosco was also among the attendants that were invited to celebrate Bilbo Baggins' farewell party, and he was given a clock that was made with pure gold.


In The New Shadow Fosco Bolger originally was an uncle of Bingo Bolger, the character who would later evolve into Frodo Baggins.


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