Ruins of Hellion and the Forsaken Inn

The Forsaken Inn, "a day's journey east of Bree"[1] on the Great East Road, was for most of the Third Age the only inn between Bree and the Inn at the Last Bridge –– and after the latter's demise, the only inn between Bree and Rivendell. It seems to have survived in some form until the time of the War of the Ring at the end of the Third Age[2].

Once operated by a family of Breelanders, the Forsaken Inn was one of the few safe and neutral places at which an innocent traveler might rest on the road from Rivendell to Bree. The original Inn had started to fall apart by the end of the Third Age, but the Tinkers and Eglain often used to camp nearby and often reoccupied the not-permanently-inhabited buildings.


Forsaken Inn surroundings in TA 3018

The Inn in T.A. 1640

  • Type: Inn 
  • Inhabitants: 80% Breemen, 20% Hobbits.
  • Population: 15 
  • Origin:  In business since T.A.1412; built upon a forgotten Dwarven refuge and burial site.
  • Purpose: Re-provisioning and boarding of travelers on the Great East Road.

People of Note


Forsaken Inn ruinnand camp in TA 3018

T.A. 2941-3018/19

Adwold Anlaf the Forlorn Arinora Barl Audley Belinda Rosewater Borri Candac Brightwood Bram Ashleaf Dirk Crowhaven Falin Brother of Háin Falster the Fox Gadaric Munce Garett Wort Glynn Harper Haley Meadowsweet Jess Fairchild Kobbi Stonestar Lieva Dourlily Núri Óin Orin Palma Brownlock Pip Wortley Roland Ambermoon Rupe Tenstone Sorel Dorson Techeryn Theodore Gorse Whittler

Places of note


Arthadan Ruins and submerged graveyard map

  • Arthadan Ruins and Submerged Graveyard (see map)
  • Forsaken Inn Camp
  • Mailboxes
  • Milestone
  • Stables


  1. Strider, The Fellowship of the Ring I 9 A Knife in the Dark (T.A. 3018)
  2. In an unpublished re-write of The Hobbit from ca. 1960, Tolkien had Thórin & Company find an inn they call the Last Inn, on the road a day's travel east of Bree, to be deserted (T.A. 2941).
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