Forodim on River Dónu

Forodim was a tiny settlement located at the farthest reach of the Dorwinrim into the Rhovanion plains as it bordered the territory of the Eothraim.Forodim was a very young settlement, having been established only several years before TA 1640.The tiny village relied on its harvest of grapes being shipped by wagon up the North Fork of the Men Romen to the central marshaling point of Far Bank near Karfas.From there the grapes were loaded onto barges and shipped up the Donu and the Celduin to the wineries in the Uldona River valley.Some of the grapes were sent from Forodim directly to the Deneral area by wagon.Forodim was near the head waters of the Soma River, but the town had no boats or facilities for docks.

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