Northern Ithilien


Cirith Negen Field of Cormallen Foot-hills of Ephel Dûath Ithilduin Vale Morgûl Vale Shores of the Anduin Taur Ithilien Vale of the Forbidden Pool

Places of Note:

Adab Dolen Aelin Veren Amon Barad Bâr Aroth  Bâr Tarnaher Cair Andros Camp of the Host Crossroads Forbidden Pool Haerondir Henneth Annûn Minas Ithil Osgiliath Thargelon Thurindath Torngroth Uya Hujûm


Anborn Dornach Ereblen Golgolas of Ithilien Laeglaw Maendal Ognir Rhadrog Thurindol Tordoron

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