24-08-08 1834

Forak was the Orcish rogue, escapeded from Angmar, who commanded the Forak-Eiginn ("Forak's Violators"), a mercenary and raiding troop operating in Cardolan. It was a fair measure of the depths to which Cardolan had sunk, that a Half-orc could be a person of note in the lands, dealt with by most of the Princes whether they liked it or not. Few trusted Forak, though he had a record of success. He was a necessary evil because the Violators possessed the only mobile siege train in the country and his henchmen were very capable engineers.Forak's Violators were of the most elite of the mercenary companies and charged for its services accordingly.As unlikely as it seemed to the Cardolandrim, the Witch-king really did consider the exiled Forak a rebel, and there was a large price on his head, just as the Half-orc claimed.


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