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Folcwalda (T.A. 2852 - T.A. 2885) was a noble rider of Rohan and the head captain of the Royal Guard. He was the firstborn son of Folcwine and Grimhild, making him the older brother of Fastred, Folcred, and Fengel. While his brothers Fastred and Folcred were sent by Folcwine to aid the Gondorians in their war against the Haradrim that have crossed the Poros, Folcwalda rode with a cavalry of elite riders to meet with the Drúedain of Drúadan Forest and request for their aid, but that was when they got caught in a battle against the Orcs of the Ered Nimrais. Folcwalda led his riders to aid the Drúedain and together, both sides were successful in driving them away. Fearing that the enemy would return and bring reinforcements, Folcwalda led his riders to chase after the remaining orcs and kill each and every one of them. He was suddenly shot directly in the chest by an Orc archer, but his men were successful in eliminating the remaining Orcs.



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