Fogu Maellin

In the Second Age, when the Elven smiths of Ost-in-Edhil were growing mighty through their skills in creating items of most potent magic, there lived one among them who was little interested in their crafts. His name was Maellin Lothedhel, called the Dreaming Elf, for even by Elven standards Maellin had tenuous contact with reality. His consuming interest was Demonology and he became the most skilled in the mastery of Demons in all of Eregion. Maellin coveted the Forbidden Book of Yesh, but was denied access to it. He stole the tome and fled with his lover Eldebeth to the Eryn Vorn, where they discovered the fogu near Carn Gasadaer and made it their home. Maellin made an error in his conjurations one day and summoned a far more powerful demon of the Void than he had intended, one that he could not subdue to his will. Even though the Demon burst its bonds and slew the Elves, it could not escape the stronger magics that sealed the fogu and return from whence it had come. For centuries the foul spirit had nothing to do but to torment the souls of Maellin and Eldebeth, primarily with ire. When two Dwarven adventurers heard of the cairn and decided to explore this unhappy situation changed. They had told no one for fear that the place had some religious significance to the Llediu. Ignorant of their true peril, Fúrin and Kallin dug their way into the long-buried fogu. They broke the mystical barriers that sealed the fogu and paid with their miserable lives. The demon fled his prison (other friends of his may have been about), though he thoughtfully remembered to leave Maellin burning. He was still held by inner magical bonds that the unfortunate Dwarves did not reach before they perished. Eldebeth's spirit was free to go, but she suffered because of Maellin's torment, and was determined to get help to put an end to his pain. The nearest potential source of such aid was Bor Leath. Eldebeth was more than slightly deranged and extremely paranoid, so she had been unable to communicate with the Leatha, who at this point would been more than happy to help her.


  • ICE MERP #8107: Woses of the Black Wood
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