Flynettle and Deephallow

Flynettle had been the southernmost of the Riverman settlements in the Marish .

Flynettle in TA 1640

Flynettle is run by Thuidimer Stormroarer, the "strongest and greatest warrior in this reach". He is also, sadly, a smuggler and a great bully.Thuidimer lives on a dry hill rising from the marshes, a mile north of the mouth of the Shirebourne, in an old Arthadan estate house built centuries ago for no reason anyone has been able to discern.The building's name, Deephallow House, suggests that some sort of religious or magical purpose lay behind its construction, but only the manor's stones know the truth.Thuidimer speak to the house occasionally, a habit that startles his family and servants, but no one beside the master of the house ever hears it answer.From Deephallow, Thuidimer runs honest trade from Sarn Ford to the Twilight Hills, while selling banned herbs in Rood and banned weapons to the Pendle and Durkin clans to the west.Prince Minastir, who declared weapon bans in the Southfarthing to prevent tensions between Man and Hobbit from turning into massacres, has only begun to seriously investigate matters in Flynettle.The task is difficult; Thuidimer is cunning and his Riverman henchmen fiercely loyal.Most of Thuidimer's clan, the Ottertail, live in raised huts that flood out every spring. Slightly farther up the Shirebourne, the ground is marginally less boggy and Stoors have settled in.The Ottertail resent this, because they have long been prevented from moving up the "Elf Stream" by the Sîrrandrai Lord Sularin.The Elves seldom appear along the river anymore, and Riverman fear of them is dwindling.Sooner or later, the Ottertail may take what they think is their due.

About TA 3019

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Drowned remains of Flynettle in TA 3018

In later times Flynettle and deep hallow house were nothing but an occasional landing stage and fishing camp for riverboats and an old ruin outside the Stoor village of Deephallow.


1640: Thuidimer Stormroarer


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