Flói Stonehand was the Loremaster of Moria, a prestigious position that was given only to the wisest and most experienced of Dwarves.The duty of the Loremaster was to record the battles of the Dwarves, ensuring that precious knowledge of their foes, and how to defeat them, was preserved to be used again and again. An especially fierce warrior and Orc-slayer, Flói was hit by an Orc-arrow and slain in battle outside the Great Gates of Moria in T. A. 2989. The warrior had followed Balin in there in an ill-fated attempt to rid the region of evil beings and in the effort, surrendered his life.Flói was buried in a site of honor near Lake Kheled-zâram (the Mirrormere), for Balin's Dwarves had no access to the burial tombs inside Khazad-dum at that time.


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