The First Temple (Me."Fhafaltor") was a mighty temple devoted to the worship of Morgoth. In the First Age it was built by many hands, by the early men of hildorien and according to some legend even Orcs and eastern Dwarves (presumably ancestors of the Petty Dwarves) added their share to it.

Fankil was the main person to orchestrate the building of this structure, and it was here that he would conduct evil rituals honoring Morgoth. Fankil became the high priest in this region and many of his followers were so devoted to Morgoth that they followed Fankil into war at the Battle of Palisor.The first temple seems to have been destroyed in the first age, leading to the dissipation and squandering of mankind throughout Middle-earth.It is unknown if the destruction of the first temple was caused by bloody rebellion or natural disaster, not even if it had happened before or after the great battle.The exact location of the temple also remains unknown, though it may well have been situated within the Murmenalda, which was later consumed by the seas and became Known as the bay of Nikkea among the Easterlings.


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