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An Úrulóke

Fire-drakes (Q. "Urulóki" or "Foalóki"; sing. "Urulóke" or "Foalóke") were the most powerful Dragons in Arda. Descendants of Glaurung the Father, the Worm of Morgoth, this frighteningly destructive breed was also the second oldest Dragon subgroup.

Fire-drakes came in many forms, but most were slender, agile creatures. While some were suited to the land and others to the air (they were all poor swimmers), few were as stout or strong as the Cold-drakes. They possessed a fiery breath and a host of wicked spells.

Like all Dragons, Fire-drakes were capable of dominating (e.g., hypnotizing or enchanting) other beings with their eyes and voices. They could also move their wings in order to appear larger and more imposing, or to simply distract their prey. Their keen eyes also enabled them to operate effectively in virtually any lighting. Given this acute sight and their prodigious memories, Fire-drakes had little trouble keeping careful track of their hoards.