Finwë Ñoldóran


Time Period
Years of the Trees about 1050 - about 1495
Maidros (N); Cinsácë (N)
Silwe (N)
Faniel (N), Findis, Fëanor,

Fingolfin, Írimë (Finvain) (N), Finarfin.

(N) = non-canon

Finwe (Q."Skillful Man") was the first High King of the Noldor and one of the four who led the Eldar on the Great Journey from Middle-earth to Aman in the beginning (the others were Ingwe, Olwe, and Elwe). He married the Noldo lady Miriel, and she bore his first son Feanor and then died. After long grief, Finwe married Indis of the Vanyar, and she gave him two sons: Fingolfin and Finarfin. Feanor opposed his father's second marriage, and there was strife because of it for many years; yet Finwe loved Feanor more than any other of his kin. When Feanor was banished and went to his fortress Formenos, Finwe himself accompanied the exile. So it was that when Morgoth stole the Silmarils from Feanor's armory, Finwe was slain by Morgoth defending the home and treasury of his son. Even though Finwe was untouched by the shame that was to come upon his house in years ahead, he perished for the same cause as two of his sons: Feanor and Fingolfin. Like them he was slain by Morgoth for the Silmarils.


Finwe' was majestic in appearance, very tall (7'8"), and having long black hair and brilliant grey-blue eyes soft with compassion. He was known for his wise counsel, concern for the welfare of all, and his calming influence on the rash Noldor.

He wore clothing of Blue & Gold or Blue, Yellow, Orange & White or silver & gold


  • Bruithwir
  • Felegron
  • Fim
  • Finn
  • Finu
  • Finweg
  • Finwega
  • Gelmir
  • Phinwe
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