A Finnfiara or White Hart

Larger and rarer than Elk, the Finnfiara (Hi. "White Hart",S.Nimaras) was the strongest and most imposing breed of Deer found in northwestern Middle-earth. Reputedly mystical creatures, they ranged in the ancient woodlands of Rhovanion, Gondor, Calenardhon, and Eriador. They were found deep within the Old Forest and the Dark Wood, and a few had been spotted in Fangorn.

The Finnfiara's lustrous silver pelt was prized for fine garments, so it was hunted and trapped by woodsmen. Worse, its horns were said to produce a potion which retarded aging. Thus, the beast's value threatened its survival and, aside from the inaccessibility of their habitat, the Finnfiara had few defenses against extinction. They were, however, very wily, and they would put up a good fight when cornered.

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