A Noldo prince, Fingon (S."Longhaired Herald";Q."Findekáno") was the eldest son of Fingolfin and High King of the Noldor from I.A. 455-473. In Eldamar he was very close to Maedhros, Angrod, and Aegnor, and he was one of the ones who favored the pursuit of Morgoth and the Silmarils (even though his relationship with Feanor was not strong). Fingon led the hosts of Fingolfin in the Kinslaying. Fingon took it upon himself to end the division between the House of Feanor and the House of Fingolfin. He climbed the shoulders of Thangorodrim in search of Maedhros, who had been captured by Morgoth. He found Feanor's eldest son hanging from a precipice, his wrist encircled by a manacle fastened into the rock. With the help of the Great Eagle Thorondor, Fingon rescued Maedhros from his bondage. For this act especially, but also for his strength and courage, Fingon was called the Valiant. Fingon was slain by Balrogs in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. He was succeeded as High King by his brother Turgon.


Fingon had dark hair in great plaits braided with gold”, was tall (7'4"), strongly built, and a powerful fighter.


  • clad in Gold, blue , white & Silver
  • Hair Decoration of Gold (braiding his great plaits)
  • Spear, Sword & Shield
  • White Helmet


  • Argon
  • Findekáno
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