Finwë Ñolofinwë Aracáno


Orighinally: Tirion, Valinor;Later:Fingolfin's Camp, Hithlum
Time Period
Y.T. 1190 - F.A. 456
Fëanor (half-brother); Findis; Írimë; Finarfin; Faniel (N)
Fingon, Turgon, Aredhel and Argon (N) = non-canon

A great Noldo prince, Fingolfin (S."Finwe wise as Finwe") was the second son of Finwe; his mother was Indis. Although the strongest, most valiant of all the Noldo warriors, his temperate response to an insult and attack by Feanor displayed an exceptional wisdom, perceptivity, and ability to forgive. He was given the High Kingship by Maedhros after the death of Feanor. Fingolfin was a great tactician: perceiving the infinite strength of Angband against assault upon his arrival in Endor, he laid the foundation for the defensive Elvish siege line. His deployment contained Morgoth for more than 400 years. Fingolfin's finish is the stuff of legends and song; he died in single combat against Morgoth—the greatest champion of good against the greatest force of evil. It came to pass after the Dagor Bragollach forced the High King to retreat with all his forces. He perceived the defeat of the Noldor on every front and understood fully the irresistible and unbreakable might of Morgoth's hoardes. In a rage of despair, he charged alone across the burning plains of Ard-galen to the very gates of Angband. There Fingolfin challenged the Black Enemy to single combat. Though there could only be one result from such a battle (his own death), he avoided the earthshaking assaults of the deadly mace Grond long enough to wound his Vala foe no less than seven times.

It was recounted that, following Fingolfin's death, his heart was taken by Orcs, but later recaptured by Turgon the Wise, his son and encased in gold by him. This relic was called the Scarlet Heart and became the emblem of the King's folk in Gondolin.


Fingolfin had the gaze of eagles, a natural hero among heroes, with a shrewd tactical mind and unrivaled gifts of leadership. He was dark-haired, extremely tall (7'7"), and possessed a muscular physique and shining eyes like one of the valar.


  • Blue Shield - set with a star of crystal
  • clad in Blue & Silver or Blue, Gold & Silver
  • High Helmet of Steel
  • Silver Lance
  • Ringil -silver Elven Sword
  • Silver-Horn
  • Mail - opverlaid with silver



  • Aracáno
  • Finweë
  • Golfin
  • Ñolofinwë
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