Finarfin (S."Noble son of Finwe"; Q."Arafinwë ") was a Noldo prince, the youngest son of Finwe. His mother was the Vanya maiden Indis; therefore Finarfin was brother to Fingolfin and half-brother to Feanor. He was the wisest and fairest of Finwe's children. He tried to remain apart from the disputes of the Noldor and only reluctantly joined in their pursuit of Morgoth. He was deterred by the Kinslaying and the Doom of Mandos. Finarfin forsook Feanor's march into exile and repented of rebellion against the Valar, leading many of his people back to dwell in Valinor. He was forgiven and allowed to dwell in Tirion forever after. Finarfin was the commander of his people in the Great Battle. Finarfin married Earwen and produced five children, all noteworthy: Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod,Aegnor, and Galadriel.


Finarfin was considered the fairest of all the princes of the Elves. Because Finarfin's mother was of the Vanyar, both he and his dcscendents were golden-haired and fair, resembling Vanyar more than Noldor. Naturally, Finarfin was very tall (7'5").


  • clad in White, Gold or Silver, Gold & Black or Gold, Azure & Silver or green ,silver, gold
  • Crown of golden Flowers


  • Angolodh
  • Arafinwë (father-name)
  • Finarphin
  • Ingalaurë
  • Inglor
  • Ingoldo (mother-name)
  • Lúthien or Delin
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