Born in T.A. 2859, Fíli lived a short (by Dwarven standards) but heroic life. Of Dúrin the Deathless' line, the fiddle-playing Fíli could proudly claim Dís as his mother and called Thorin Oakenshield "uncle". At the Battle of Five Armies in 2941, Fíli and his brother Kíli were slain by Orcs as they valiantly attempted to defend Thorin's body from desecration.


Fíli, like his brother Kíli, was one of the younger dwarves of Thorin's company. He came from the royal line of Dúrin, being a son of Thórin's sister Dís the younger, and was raised by his uncle. Though younger than his inseparable older brother he was a bit more severe. He was watchful, had a deep love for music, was agile and quick, and had notably keen eyes (and an equally notable long nose). His name meant One who is hiding something or simply rasp.




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