The Feral-Tribe (Orc."Gazog-Hai") were one of several orcish tribal confederations in which the Orcs of Mordor had split after the Fall of Barad-dur in the War of the last Alliance.The Gazog-Hai delighted in the cult of the savage beast and lived in the unsettled wilderness, often as nomadic clans, in company of Wolves and other wild animals.They were hunters,trappers and beastmasters, clad in skins and leathers and wielding weapons and tools of bone and horn.After Saurons return during the years of TA 1980-2002 the remaining Feral Orcs were reorganised and redistributed into newly founded Tribal coalitions where their masters often found them useful as Wolfriders, Trackers, Scouts and Herders.



  • Middle-earth: Shadow of war
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