The Fenrais (sgl. Fanras) or tree-goat was a race of pygmy Goat bred by the Woodmen of Rhovanion.These goats had adapted to life among the trees, and were as at home in a tree as they were on the ground. One often found a fanras in the branches of a tree nibbling at its leaves. Woodman children brushed these goats daily to collect their wool, which was later woven into fine cloth. Billy goats provided horn for armor, leather for gloves and meat when the hunt was unsuccessful. Nanny goats enriched the Woodmen diet with milk and cheese. Fenrais were loved by the Woodmen, who believed them to give good luck to their owners.


  • Beornings and Woodmen (Essay), by Anna Arquette 1995, originally conceived as a contribution to Rohirrim and Other Northmen, a projected volume in ICE's "Peoples of Middle-earth" series which never reached completion.
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