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Feanan Redwing was a young Dunlending woman who was apprenticed as a magician under Saruman the Wizard, leading efforts to search out magical devices and knowledge from the Elvish glades and local mathom collections of the Shire.


Feanan, who had been brought up in the brutal world of Saruman's fortress, was touched by the gentleness of the Shire-folk and sickened by the brutality of its occupation. In the summer of T.A .3019, she met "a lovely water sprite, dancing among the waves of Brandywine". This encounter, probably with the Maiarind Goldberry, inspired Feanan to turn against Saruman and cooperate with those who resisted and eventually overthrew his regime. They helped tracked down Theodwine Emnetsun when he fled into the Overbourne marshes and dealt with several supernatural threats awakened in the Shire by Saruman's other apprentices. Unable to return to Dunland for fear of being murdered by followers of the Dark Religion, Feanan eventually became an honored advisor to the Arnorian garrison commander at Sarn Ford.


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