A Fastitokalon

Fell Turtles or Turtle-Fish were a race of legendary sea monsters that were referenced through Hobbit verse. They were giant snapping turtles that prowled the seas and the large rivers and lakes in central Middle-earth. Also called the Turtle-fish or Fastitocalon (S. "Halfcabordelu"; pl. "Helfcebyrdely") these rare but formidable creatures grew as large as fifty feet in length. Fastitocalon was said to be the last of these majestic creatures, and Turtle-Fish were often mistaken for their immense size as small islands. They lived in deep waters but, when hungry or angry, might swim closer to the coast. There, they hunted everything from large fish to small boats piloted by foolish seamen.Many sailors would drown or be killed by these beasts when they got close to these mysterious looking islands--these Turtle-Fish were often referenced in MERP as Fell Turtles.


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