Farijan Woodworker

The Fariyîn or Gettaniyan Nomads were a number of nomadic tribes in the eastern parts of An-Balkumagan.

Ancestors of the Fariyîn first migrated to the Tûlwang region during the early second age, and brought with them a series of religious beliefs derived from a sacred text called the Kîrab-Sarâda. The "cult of Sarâda" as it became known, taught the existence of thousands of gods and spirits, but also taught a negative view of life and the after-life. The later Fariyîn continued to practice this cult, which had now been overtaken by Sauron and his followers. Fariyîn nomads mainly inhabited the desert regions which their more civilized Etûlian cousins had long abandoned. They lived in a very traditional society in which slavery was widely practised and women were expected to be obedient to their husbands. Fariyîn women, like their Harûze cousins, were considered among the most beautiful in the world.


Original form :Farijin =Fariyîn

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