The younger son of Denethor II, Faramir suffered the fate of being a child unable to please his father. Denethor clearly favored Boromir, doting on his firstborn while expressing displeasure with everything Faramir did.
A gentle man by nature, Faramir was nevertheless a brave warrior and born leader of Men. He fled his father's court, seeking purpose in the forests and hills of Ithilien. There, in command of a band of Rangers, he orchestrated ambushes and reconnaissance missions to learn about Sauron's troop placements. In this he was very successful, but his location proved fateful for an even more important purpose. During the War of the Ring, he came upon a tired and disoriented Frodo in the woods, and was able to provide the Hobbit and his companion Sam with needed lodging, supplies, and counsel. The antithesis of his older brother, Faramir refused knowledge of the Ruling Ring, realizing its inherent evil nature.
Faramir led the retreat from Osgiliath to Minas Tirith, and was attacked by a Nazgul out of the sky. Only by Aragorn's healing powers was he returned to health. During his convalescence he met and fell in love with the injured Eowyn. They later married, and she moved to Gondor when the High King Elessar granted Faramir the titles of Prince of Ithilien and Lord of Emyn Arnen.

Faramir's Principal Items

  • Banner of Faramir's Company
  • Bracelet — A finely made wrist ornament composed of links of green-tinted metal, inlaid with dark wood.
  • Faramir's Bow — Ranger's longbow.
  • Faramir's Cloak — Taurgwath ("Wood-shadow") Grey-green Ranger's cloak
  • Faramir's Sword — Taurathel ("Forest-blade") A beautiful sword, with a blade of green-tinted steel and hilts of lebethron wood.
  • Gondorian Armour
  • Gondorian Helmet
  • Ranger's Dagger
  • Ranger-Mask
  • Spear
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