The Far Vales

The lands east of the river Anduin and west of Mirkwood were known to Hobbits as the Far Vales . The 11th century "discovery " of the Holbylta by other peoples was not the result of some great decision or exploration . It occurred because of the rapid growth in Hobbit numbers and colonies , most particularly their expansion into the Far Vales from their original homeland in the Glennen. The Beiabarn Northmen long dominated the northern end of these vales , the Woodmen the middle portion , and the Galadhrim (of Lorien ) the south . All of them tolerated the small Hobbit colonies in their midst. However , the rise of the Shadow and the increasing depredations of Orcs and wolves made the open country a more dangerous place . The Northmen began to take a less friendly attitude toward strangers , while the Galadhrim and Hobbits fled west of the Anduin . The Far Vales became the first of the lost homelands of Hobbit tales .


  • MERP:The Shire
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