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The Falmari (Q."Wave-Folk" also Q.Nendili , "Water-Lovers") or third group of the Calaquendi were the descendants of those Teleri who had come to Aman. In general they were more of a mix of types than the Noldor or Vanyar. They were also a more numerous kindred, with greater opportunity for diversity.Although the Teleri were consirered the shortest of the Eldarin kindred those Teleri, who lived on Eressea, tended to be taller and stronger, with the distinctive High Elven bearing and aura.They were also known as the Sea-Elves or the Solosimpi (T."Pipers of the Shores").

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The Falmari were regarded as the greatest Mariners and Shipwrights, they were coastal shippers and fishermen and lived in the bay of Eldamar where they had their capital, the great city of Alqualonde, or on the Island Tol Eressëa.For their love of he Color blue they were also known as the Blue Elves other epiteths of heirs include Foam-riders, the Free, the Swift, Arrow-Elves, Elves of the Sea, the Shipwrights, the Swanherds, and Gatherers of the Pearl.


Although the Falmari were considered the smallest of the High-Elves, generally appearing closer to their Sindar Brethren, still most of their males were about about six feet tall, their women were for the most part smaller.They had silvery, white or more rarely golden or sandy blond or light brown hair, fair but sometimes also reddish or darker skin and grey, green or hazel eyes.


The Falmari spoke the Quenya dialect known as Falmarin, a rather conservative variant of Quenya, more close to it's ancestor Telerin than Valinorean.


Other Names

  • Falanyeli (Q. "Beach-Singers")
  • Flosibrim (G. "Wave-Host")
  • Solonyeldi (Q."Surf-Singers")
  • Simfi (G."Wailers")
  • Solosimpi (Q. "Shore Pipers")
  • Thlossibrim (G."Shore-Host")

Falmari of Renown

Ainairos Brother of Ainairos Celeborn the Wise Celebrian Eärwen of Alqualonde Élairo Alquion Elulindo Elwen of Tol Eresseä Gilfanon of Alqualonde Hiradur Ivare Naimi Nendil Halatir Oivárin Olwë Olwion

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