A Fallohide

The Fallohides (also "Fallowhides" from Éo."Fealu-hideas") were one of the three original tribes of the Hobbits.


The Fallohides were the tallest and most slim kindred of the hobbits with some growing to four feet or more in height.They also had a rather pale skin and light brown or even sometimes blonde -though still curly- hair.


The Fallohides had lived on the northeastern banks of River Anduin along the borders of the Great Greenwood.They had contact with the Wood-elves of Thranduil's realm and were skilled Hunters and Scouts.They were more bold and inquisitive or keen in nature than the other two tribes.Through the elvish influence on their customs they had also become skilled in both song and speech, lovers of trees and of woodlands and remarkeable Archers.


From the Fallohide homes along the Greylin and Langwell the Fallohides followed their Harfoot kinsmen who had lefr Wilderland a century earlier.They crossed the Misty Mountains via the Old Pass and came to the Springs of the Hoarwell from where they travelled slowly down into Arthedain and settled around Bree.From Breeland their Chieftains Marcho and Blanco led a trek of Fallohide and Harfoot Settlers into the Shire.

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